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What To Expect

First Sunday With Us?

We've all been there. Anytime a person attends a church for the first time it comes with butterflies, anxieties, and fears over the unexpected. Consider yourself normal.  We pray these short notes will help settle your heart on what a first visit to New Hope might be like.

What Do People Wear?

In terms of 'dress', New Hope is a "come as you are" church. Some men wear blue jeans - others wear dress shirts - a few wear ties. Some ladies wear slacks - others wear dresses. In the summer, shorts are preferred by some. Seriously, wear what is most comfortable.

What Is The Worship Like?

The word in Christian circles is: contemporary. New Hope worship offers a wonderful variety of keyboards, guitars, drums, vocal ensembles, and yes, we also incorporate hymns! We worship the One True God, encouraging your participation. On a typical Sunday, we worship through singing for about 25 minutes.

 What Is The Preaching Like?

We preach from one book - the Bible. At New Hope, we preach "expositionally", which means book by book, chapter by chapter. The sermons are roughly 40 minutes long...but don't time us because sometimes it goes a little longer :-).I  There are two goals in our preaching. One, theological truth - what does God's word say. Two, relevant application - what does it mean to me. Our prayer is that there are always action steps to take home and implement into your life.  You will find Audio Downloads on the Main Page of the website if you would like to hear past recordings.

How Long Is the Service?

Sunday worship services in Africa can last 3-5 hours...and they are just getting warmed up. At New Hope, we haven't quite reached that level of perseverance! A typical worship service at New Hope lasts about 75-85 minutes. We are not "mastered" by the clock, but we also understand the culture in which we live.

Where Do The Children Go?

As a visitor you may feel more comfortable keeping your children with you during the worship service that is perfectly fine. But, we have an AWESOME Kidzone ministry. When you arrive, ask one of our greeters where the kids ministries are located. They will direct you to the rooms where volunteers can help check your children in. Our nursery (0-2) is well staffed as well as our younger classes (3-5). And our Kidzone (6-12 years old) is a vibrant, eye-catching, room of activity.

We Look Forward To Seeing You This Sunday At 10:00am!