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Home Fellowships

Why be a part of a Home Fellowship?

To Get Connected….
Jesus, both by his words and actions strongly endorsed the necessity of Home Fellowships in building a strong relationship with God and others. Why? Two fundamental convictions form the foundations for the initiative of forming a network of Home Fellowships:

1) Every Christian needs a spiritual family. We all need a place where we can really know others and be known by others. We need a family setting where we are cared for, nurtured, challenged, guided and prayed for; where we can ask questions and share struggles.


2) Every Christian needs a laboratory for life. There are over 50 “one another’s” in the Bible. We are challenged in Scripture to love one another, pray for one another, support one another, encourage one another, and stimulate one another to love and good deeds. The Home Fellowship setting is one of the few organisms in the greater fellowship of God’s universal family where the “one anothers” can be lived out.


Get Connected by planning on being a part of a Home Fellowship!  New Hope's Home Fellowships are how we as a Church connect in community.  We encourage you to join a group and be part of New Hope Living Life together in community.  Call any of the leaders on the Home Fellowship Locations tab to find out more about their Home Fellowship or Contact the Church office at (231) 348-6905.  

If you have interest in being a Home Fellowship Host or Facilitator please contact Pastor Mark Manzer for more information at (231) 348-6905.  We are looking to add more groups throughout our community.

Click hear to see the Home Fellowships in your area!